Take Cover! Computer Related Explosion!

You guessed it, Under Pressure. Now, although this post isn’t specifically about web development, it is about what every computer user faces at one time or another, usually while on a tight deadline. My WAN connection blew up. Oh how I hate troubleshooting. One minute, everything is fine and the next minute I lost internet connection. Yes, we paid the bill and the other two computers in the house were functioning just fine. I had just started a game plan for my first endeavor into internet sales and marketing and this happened. I was close to grief stricken. In fact, I had missed several doses of some of my anti-depressants and was emotionally tenuous already. But that’s another long story of dealing with doctors that don’t know how to fill out a prescription correctly! Anyway, I donned my deerstalker hat and I spent the entire night and most of the next day looking for clues (oh wow, good Robert Palmer song, btw).

Once I realized that I couldn’t fix the problem on the Win 8.1 laptop, I went to my old Win XP laptop, still chugging away, and started searching with Google for answers. As usual, many others had the same problem happen to them, but with a few differences. The clues I had come up with so far was from the Windows network troubleshooting guide, telling me I had “limited” connection and there may be a problem with the network adapter or access point. After some more digging around forums and such I went to the official Dell site and looked up my model of laptop to see what updates were available. No less than fourteen were necessary updates! How did I not know about them? Thus began the long process of downloading them all, copying them to a flash drive and using the old sneakernet to copy them to my Dell laptop, (because my backup drive is not showing up on the wifi network either). So I copied the updates to my hard drive and began running them one by one. Some of them requiring a restart. Oh, and I did remember to write down which order the updates were to be performed. Somewhere in the middle of the updates I noticed that the caution icon disappeared from my task bar. And yes, I think it actually was the network adapter software.

This took a very long time to do and yes, there were tears involved before I figured out what to do. But even then, I wasn’t certain it was going to work. Ah technology…only great when it is working. I was feeling pressure because I was so close to reaching the first step in a goal and then boom! Not having enough medicine in my system exacerbated the problem to say the least, not to mention my boyfriend asking me “what’s wrong?” What do you think is wrong? You know what is going on. Don’t ask me that again! Sorry, heh. He’s a sweet, patient man but, seriously? I love him.

All of this happened Monday night, most of Tuesday and then I passed out. Oh yes, since my last post I completed two more short courses from Udemy.com.  “How To Start An Online T-Shirt Business Using Shopify”, and “Affiliate Marketing Beginner: Sell T-Shirts With Teespring”. See the new and improved fonts on the certificates of completion by clicking on the link in the sidebar. Maybe someone finally told them what everyone was saying behind their backs. Hah! The Shopify T-Shirt class was a total bore and I didn’t learn much since I had already taken a class in how to setup and use Shopify. Thumbs down for it. The Affiliate Marketing Beginner course did teach me how to place Facebook Ads, find your niche market and hone into the people that spend their money online, plan campaigns, budget your campaign and when to kill a campaign. So that really was worth the ten dollars I spent for that class. I can use that information for selling anything, not just t-shirts. Thumbs up on that one. I need more info like that class because I’m gearing up to start selling.

All I have to add is that you really need to go to some of the sites in my great links list on the sidebar. They all offer free files! I spent the weekend backing up files onto dvd’s and over the past year, I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. Website templates and themes, backgrounds, fonts, photoshop actions and styles, Illustrator patterns, brushes, textures, grunge frames, nice clip art, royalty-free photos, tips and tutorials, apps, plugins, javascript files and I didn’t pay for any of them! Freebies! I filled up four dvd’s of zipped files! I still have a couple more new sources to add to the list that I just found out about but I’m too tired right now. I’ll upload them soon. Everyone remember to Save often, Backup your files AND keep up with your computer updates!


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