Let’s Go Shopping! You first.

I’ve decided not to let my disappointment of my last online class get me down and move on. A while back I took a course in Shopify at Udemy.com. A week ago I went to Shopify to look around again. I feel that knowing a shopping cart/e-commerce software package is a good idea. Shopify, Magento and Bigcommerce are some of the more popular ones. Magento looks intimidating at the moment so I decided to look deeper into Shopify.
I had set up a store in the course I took and it was fairly straightforward. However, if I really want to learn what’s going on, I needed to build one from scratch. Yes, I found a tutorial to do just that at http://www.tetchi.ca/shopify-theme-from-scratch/. The tutorial featured screenshots from an older version of Shopify but I was still able to follow it. I’ve taken classes in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Markdown and Bootstrap, but guess what? Shopify uses their own scripting language known as liquid. Sigh. I certainly don’t have command of using liquid yet. It reminds me a little of markdown. I do however, feel that I know just enough to go in and edit the existing code of a theme to add new functionality. Or build new templates from their resources. Liquid is just different enough to really have to study.
This time, I signed up as a Shopify Partner. This way I could build my shops in development mode and test orders. Someone from the Shopify research team contacted me and said I will be assigned a partner manager. I explained that I’m very interested in learning their software so that I might do work for Shopify customers that need help with their store site. They were very polite and very encouraging. We’ll see where that goes but it could mean having a decent source of clients, without having to go out and beat the bushes looking for them.
At least I had plenty to do while the weather was acting fierce outside. Sleet, freezing rain, snow and back to rain. I live in the South, it’s not supposed to snow here! But when I’m studying, I’m very focused and the weather didn’t hinder my concentration. You may notice that I have a Creative Market logo on the side panel. They approved me to be a “partner” and allowed me to have my own link to their site. And it really is my favorite site to browse and buy stuff. So if you go there, please use my link as you doorway. Percy needs kibble you know, and how can you deny that face?

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