Did Anyone Get the Tag of the Code That Hit Me?

Oh my goodness. Your intrepid web dev traveler is still alive and kicking although I do feel as though I was blind-sided. I’ve spent many hours working on my current online class, Develop A Responsive Bootstrap 3 WordPress Theme: Make More!, and finished the course. I did not however, finish my project correctly. Not yet, but I’m still troubleshooting it. I’ve posted questions in the Q & A comments section of the course and although I received prompt replies, they were quite vague. When you post a question, you need to be very specific and give as much information, or even code snippets, so you can get an informed answer. I must not have communicated my problems well enough. I have to say that if you take this course from Udemy, first, take a class or tutorial in Bootstrap 3 and have a little knowledge of the admin area of WordPress. There are tons of free guides on the web. Luckily, since I took a PHP class, the functions used when slicing up the Bootstrap code were not alien to me. However, for a true beginner, you will just have to type what the instructor says and just trust him and move on. This is my third attempt at a tutorial on the subject of porting a Bootstrap site to WordPress. Each time, the end product is never like the example. What I’m getting at is that it must be a user error. Somewhere, I’m just not getting it and no one so far has been able to explain the process simply and in order from start to finish. I want the site that I create  in Bootstrap 3 to look the same once it is in WordPress. Silly me, I thought that was the point of building in Bootstrap 3 first. Maybe the answer is to skip that step and just build the whole thing in PHP. Sure will slide into WordPress easier.

I did remember that while I was on my blog hiatus, I took a class at Codecademy on Ruby. Really enjoyed that one and it truly is easier than PHP. Then, low and behold they offered a class in Making a Rails Application. I was so excited because the class was using Ruby On Rails and I really wanted to dig into that. But… the rails went around a mountain and ended, with me and my enthusiasm plummeting into a canyon, a la Wylie Coyote. The course was and probably still is in Beta version. Many things did not work, mainly the built-in browser so you could view your design in real time without uploading anything. This means that I completed the course without ever actually seeing what I built. It’s true, I passed all the sections, my code was fine but I never saw a preview. The reason I was so jazzed about this class was that the goal was to build a e-commerce site, exactly like Etsy. Would have been cool, huh? So at the moment I’m keeping an eye to see if they fix the problems and then I’ll go back and start over. I do have a Ruby On Rails course ready to take at Udemy but I’m trying to be practical and stick to achieving my short term goals first.

I want to share with you some new resources that I’ve recently discovered. They may have been around but they just came on my radar. For images, icons, backgrounds and photos, creativetail.com has a great selection and yes, freebies.  Now, I really recommend looking around stockfreeimages.com.  As stated on their about page, “All images downloaded from Stockfreeimages are licensed under the Royalty Free license which means you license the image once and then you can use it as many times as you like, with just a few restrictions”. And their search engine is great for finding the perfect image to fit your concepts. Finally, you are going to love the list of resources found in a blog post at Envato Market!   http://marketblog.envato.com/resources/free-resources-developers-2014/  You may be there for a while, I mean 50 Free Resources. I’m still browsing through the list myself. I’ll save some more goodies for the next blog post. It’s now time to dust off the grime of post-class disappointment and get right back to troubleshooting. Or maybe have some coffee. Whatever. I know that I don’t like the sound of sleet hitting my bedroom windows. Today should be interesting.


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