You’re Certifiable – Congratulations!

Woot! I finally made it to the 50% mile marker of my PHP/mySQL class journey. I thought I’d never get there. I’m in Section 8 of the course, on lecture number 76 and only half-way through. As I said before, it’s a very thorough course. I don’t think I’ve read a single thing about mySQL yet. It was time to pull over to another rest stop and take my medication. I’m not of much use if I miss my meds.

I decided to take another look at and they have added a couple of new things lately. Although, I’m still a little torqued that two of the classes I completed still say I only finished 99% of the course. I know, it shouldn’t really matter but come on. A place run by a bunch of programmers and they can’t get the main pages to function correctly? Also, I forgot that I did complete the jQuery course, 100%.

Of course if you don’t get 100%, you don’t get the meaningless graphic of a badge of completion. Speaking of that, several courses sent me a certificate of completion once I finished their course. Now I suppose that it’s an incentive for some people and maybe the certificate or earning badges makes them feel satisfied at their accomplishment. But really, what good are they? It’s not like a diploma from an accredited school. The truth is that I could make a better looking certificate than the ones they sent me. And who would know where the heck it came from or if it was legit? Do I need a Girl Scout sash to pin my ink jet printed badges on? (I had nightmares as a child that the girl scouts were a cult led by a large-headed alien woman and kept human bodies frozen in huge chicken farm buildings – but that should go in my personal journal, heh-heh). I don’t know…I don’t see the point unless some huge corporations let it be known that they recognize such certificates as a big plus on your resume.

Here’s the first one I received. Check out the use of the uppercase script font for HTML. Big no-no in Typography 101. Oh, and check out the trippin’ 70’s hippie style seal at the bottom. Yeah boy, gonna hang that in the den for sure, not. I know a couple of people that are going to get a real kick out of this design. Enjoy. Catch you all later!


2 thoughts on “You’re Certifiable – Congratulations!

  1. OMG….you got a certificate that breaks every print design rule in the book! That 60’s font is cool, man….. (totally said that in Cheech Marin’s voice)


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