Learning Web Development: A Newbie’s Journey

Out of necessity I am “adding to my skill-set”. I’ve been an unemployed graphic designer for some time after being sidelined by depression. This journey began after my therapist suggested I make a list of things I would need to accomplish to get back in the game of earning my own income.  I’m not going to write about depression. There is plenty of information online about that and I don’t wish to debate about it. If you’ve ever been clinically depressed, you get it. Otherwise, you just don’t. ‘Nuff said. This is about my experiences while learning the ins and outs of web design and development. I’ve been taking many, many courses and tutorials online lately. Some were free and some were not.  As you read the forthcoming posts bear in mind this is from a newbie’s point of view. How I experienced the process of learning and my opinions on the quality of the information I studied. Maybe, just maybe, someone that creates tutorials will accidentally read my opinions and glean some useful hints on how to improve the education process in online courses and tutorials. But that’s just a dream of mine. Yes, you can expect good reviews and bad reviews and oh boy, some rants. So if you are a newbie like me in the web development world, let me know your experiences and I hope you learn something from mine. Oh, and although I may think it’s obvious, I better tell you right now…I cannot give you any technical support. I’m just not there yet! I could have taken the easy road but as one of my art professors once told me…I have the habit of making any project much more difficult than it is…he liked my work in the end but I think you know what I’m saying. I decided to start at the beginning and learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, {LESS}, BootStrap, PHP and mySQL. That is so far, the list of topics I’ve covered in online training. I’ve taken more than one of each of these subjects as well. Some courses were good,  some barely scratched the surface and some were atrocious. You can be fairly certain that my next entry is going to be a rant. Just a warning.

3 thoughts on “Learning Web Development: A Newbie’s Journey

    1. This is exactly the kind of advice I need from experienced web dev people! Give it to me straight, no sugar-coating. LOL. I do yell at my computer screen quite a bit. I’ll have to work on swearing at it. I have Adobe Creative Web Suite CS3. So I haven’t opened DW in a long time. But I may check it out since I was able to use it a few years back. Just not very proficiently. I can do just about anything I need with CS3 so I never saw a need to upgrade. The only thing I don’t have is InDesign. But I’ve gotten by with Corel Draw! pretty effectively. If I could make a grid template like Bootstrap for DW that would be great. Thank you for your helpful input!

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